About Us

Who is Holy Smoke and where did we come from?
image Joining the Army right out of High School way back in 1974 I immediatly stepped into a tow truck working for a place called Macs Garage in Fremont California. I was handed the keys to a 1956 Chevrolet truck with a 4 speed transmission and a Holmes 440 mechanical wrecker body, pointed towards an apartment complex and told to go tow every car parked in a fire lane. Being young and invincible is a great time in everyones life as it was in mine. (Yeah, sooo long ago..) I took to towing and minding a few gaps along the way it became my area of expertise and knowledge.

image Holy Smoke Towing & Recovery is a culmination of all I've learned since those early days. The name is a play on words from my own Surname. Weihrauch (Changed to Weihrouch sometime before my birth) is a German name that loosely translates into "Christmas Smoke" hence, Holy Smoke. Bringing together the experience from all the different types of towing I have been involved with as well as building two successful towing companies over the years Holy Smoke is a culmination of all the best parts of those experiences. Wreckmaster Certification, Police accident work, impound towing, HOA parking management, sand recoveries, off road recoveries, commercial towing as well as a myriad of different services including jump starts, lockouts, tire changes, theft recovery, reposessions, Long distance transport as well as all the necessary skills to move very high end assets (Custom cars, Ferraris, Bugati Veyrons etc)

How Much do we charge? Enough to pay the bills and a reasonable profit is all we will ever ask for. I bring a lot of experience to the table. One thing I have noticed about the Oregon Coast. Pricing is based on the summer tourism industry. "Charge as much as you can because they can't go anywhere else". The problem with this thinking is these same rates create a structure that results in the local population paying far more for these services than they should. At Holy Smoke, our pricing model is designed to be fair and equitable for everyone, tourist and local alike.