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How much does it cost?
Many companies still employ rather draconian methods of charging for tow services. They've been doing it the same way since Holmes invented the first production tow truck. Typically a call fee, mileage then additional charges like dollies, per foot winch charges, off road charges, gate fees, after hours fees, etc. We take a different approach. Time. Time is what matters. How long does it take us to do the job and get back home. That's it. We bring what we need to do the job, get the job done, and go home. Simple and fair. You aren't charged for all those extras. Have you ever been to a repair shop where they charged you a "Dirty Rag Fee"? We aren't that shop. When we arrive we come with all the tools necessary to do the job. You are NEVER charged extra for those tools or supplies, you are only charged for our time. What's this mean? You pay less and get better service.

I have towing insurance, can I use Holy Smoke?
Holy Smoke is a contracted tower with most major motor clubs. You can try requesting us when you call for service, you may or may not be met with success. They may try to force you to use a contractor of their choice. They do this for one reason, cost. They will always try to get you help as cheaply as possible. In many cases this isn't in your best interest and you could be stuck waiting for hours for someone to arrive. If you have towing coverage on your cars insurance policy you can call us directly instead of calling the number on your insurance card. Just like selecting a body shop to fix your car after an accident, they cannot force you to use someone specific to tow your car.

I've had an accident!
God forbid you should ever experience or be involved in an accident. If you are however, the officer on scene will ask you if you have a tow preference. Just tell them you want Holy Smoke to tow your car. We are approved by the OSP for non preference towing at their request. Don't let your car be towed by a company you are unfamiliar with. You can call us directly from the scene of your accident and we will dispatch a truck immediately to help you. Many companies take advantage of accidents to set highly inflated rates. They can hold your car and it's contents hostage until you pay the bill in full. Sometimes these bills can exceed several thousand dollars. Don't get caught in this trap. Unlike other tow companies, we publicly post our rates for all to see. You know what you're getting before you call.

Property Management & Parking Control
Current estimates indicate there are almost 300,000,000 registered vehicles in the US today! Since there are roughly 328 million people in the US, it could be said that every man, woman, child in our country owns at least 1 car! Cars and light duty trucks are everywhere! Controlling this explosion of vehicles in your facilities can no longer be considered a small task. With a miriad of specialized services, we can help you protect your facility from this vehicular onslaught.

What is MyParkingManager.com?
MyParkingManager, our exclusive Online Web Portal allows you to manage every facet of your apartment/condominium complex. Control your unit owners, occupants, vehicles, & permits. Violation tracking, complete with digital photos all in real time as well as a complete visitor space databasing system. Add to that a complete messaging service allowing you to communicate instantly with our agents anytime and anywhere that you need it. Our application comes at no cost to you giving you the most powerfull tool in the industry to maximize the results at any property you manage. The old way of doing things just does not cut it anymore. Let us show you a tool so powerful, it will revolutionize how you manage your facilities. For more information, go to our links page and click on MyParkingManager.com

Abandoned Vehicle Removal
Abandoned vehices seem to be everywhere. Cars, Trucks, Boats, trailers, even RV's. Have one you need removed? Give us a call. There is never a cost to you, the charges are always borne by the vehicle owner. Photos will be taken of the vehicle followed by a phone call to the authorities to let them know we have it and your problem is solved. ALSO, if you have an old car you want to get rid of and you are the owner of that car, we can tow it away for free. All you need is proof of ownership and we'll take it off your hands. In some cases, we may be able to pay you for the car. More answers are just a phone call away. Let us show you how we can help.

Licensed and Insured
Insurance requirements in Oregon are a bit low by National standards. To better protect you (and us) from any unfortunate incidents, we carry additional amounts to include a $2,000,000.00 aggregate liability policy on top of the $50,000 on hook covergae required for tow operators in this state.

Commercial Towing
One of the mainstays of our business. Flat rate fees for your local customers are far better than our competitions, just ask them. Monthly billing, beback coverage, even bottled water on the really hot days ensures your customers are handled efficiently and professionally. All of our commercial clients enjoy well placed internet exposure within the pages of our website. You can also put us on your answering machine so we can take care of your customers if their car fails after hours. This service is available 24/7.

Full Criminal Background Checks
You and your families safety is our utmost concern. All our employees are fully background checked. Mandatory random drug testing is also performed on a regular basis. We are very serious about this aspect of our business. The question remains. Who do you want your family member to call if they are stuck on some dark, lonely road in the middle of the night?