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Coastal Residents, 25% Off All Services!
(But you have to ask for it!)

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About Us

Roadside Assistance

Don't call your motor club directly!
Don't wait hours for help! Call us directly. We'll bill your Insurance Company directly. If you do call them directly, just say Holy Smoke Please!
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No Mileage Charges!

Time Based Flat Fee Towing
Our pricing is determined by cost, experience, and our time, not by ghost fees for things that shouldn't be included, like mileage.

Oregon State Police Approved!

Always Available 24/7 365 - (541) 216-7300
Holy Smoke Towing has been approved by the State of Oregon to work with the OSP responding to non preference tows. Of course you can always request any tower you want, just say Holy Smoke Please!

Don't call your roadclub!

We can bill your insurance company directly! Calling your roadclub can cause many problems. You could be forced to wait for hours while they find the cheapest provider to service your needs. That "middle man" taking your call is adding fees in the background that can negatively affect your car insurance credit score resulting in higher premiums for you and your family.

Do you know what a "Crypto Tow" is?

Do you dabble in Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash, XRP or any of the many other Cryptocurrencies out there? So do we! You can now pay for any of our services with any of the main stream crypto currencies! Call us to find out more!

Our Introduction

24 hrs a day, 365 days a year we are here to help. Light and medium duty towing services, fleet services, parking lot control, abandoned vehicle removal and disposal, repossession work, accident and recovery work, it really doesn't matter, we can handle it all. Located on the central coast of Oregon, we're only minutes from you. With state of the art, camera protected storage and the latest, state of the art towing and recovery equipment, you know your vehicle and its contents will be in good hands. When the officer asks "Do you have a preference for a tow?" Just say Holy Smoke Please!